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Lipo Lab

Lipo Lab (1 x 10ml)

Lipo Lab (1 x 10ml)

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Lipo Lab is one of the safest and most effective fat dissolving products in existence today. It offers fast subcutaneous fat removal. It fights obesity in two main ways – by speeding up metabolism and melting the fat tissues in a natural and health-friendly manner. This PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) solution can also increase the elasticity of the skin and remove cellulite.

💎 What is in the box?

▫️ 1 x 10ml vial

💎 Where can this product be used?

▫️ Knees
▫️ Arms

▫️ Tights
▫️ Abdomen
▫️ Hips
▫️ Chin
▫️ Buttocks
▫️ Back

💎 Benefits

▫️ More efficacious, easier treatment and cheaper than liposuction surgery
▫️ Unlike existing methods such as mesotherapy which only reduces the size of fat cells, Lipo Lab PPC dissolves, destroys fat cells and exhausts them out of body through sweat, urine and internal combustion
▫️ Effective for removing cellulites and enhances skin elasticity
▫️ Promotes adipocytes

💎 Composition

Deoxycholate, which is part of the product, in combination with phosphatidylcholine, destroys adipocytes and converts fat into an emulsion state, after which it is excreted from the body through the kidneys, liver and blood. The procedure carried out with the lipolitik Lipo Lab PPC, is painless, and therefore does not require anaesthesia.

Active ingredients:

▫️ Phosphatidylcholine – 1000 mg (99.8% purity)
▫️ Sodium deoxycholate – 5 mg (98% purity)
▫️ L-carnitine – 200 mg

💎 Longevity

Because Lipo Lab destroys fat cells, results are permanent providing you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

The course consists of 4-15 sessions to obtain the desired result, one procedure every 3-4 weeks.

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